Canvas Painting Party Themes

Da Vinci
Self Portrait Party

Learn about Leonardo Da Vinci and his famous painting "The Mona Lisa" while discovering Symmetry as we use a mirror to paint your very own self portrait!
Age Recommendation (5 and up)
Level of difficulty from 1-5 (3)

Claude Monet and Impressionism

Learn about Claude Monet, the founder of the Impressionist movement, as we  explore one of his most famous works, the "Water Lilies", and attempt to recreate our own version, as we learn the technique and colors that Impressionism was made famous for.
Age Recommendation (8 and up)
Level of difficulty from 1-5 (4)

Georges Seurat and Pointillism

Learn about Georges Seurat and his painting technique Pointillism.
We will explore his most famous work "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte"
We will discuss color while we paint our own Pointillism painting  inspired by the artist Yvonne Coomber.
Age Recommendation (8 and up)
Level of difficulty from 1-5 (4)

Adult and Children Themed Canvas Painting Parties

So this is how it works...

Pick a theme from the lists below (if you don't want to do a theme you can always choose one of our paintings to paint as well or choose one you have chosen yourself)

We will supply everything from the paint, to the canvases, to the brushes. All you need to do is supply a place and cover anything you don't want painted and supply me with a table for my supplies. Also our company is fully insured. *If you are booking a party at a business, the location must have a working sink for clean up and accessibility to water. Contact information of location must be provided prior to booking event. 

Includes 2 hour party and a 12x16 canvas for each person painting.

**View pictures in our Photo Gallery** 


Pricing is as follows:


Children Parties 18 and under-

8-10 minimum- $225  (each additional- $18 per person) 

*Birthday child gets a free apron decorated by the attending guests! 

*You can purchase additional aprons for each guest attending for an additional $5.00 per person.


* A deposit of $50 ($100.00 for parties of 20 or more) is required to book an event. Your deposit

goes towards total balance due. Remaining balance will be due at the conclusion of the event. 

Cash and Credit accepted. No checks please.

If you choose to use a credit card a 2.75% credit card fee will be added to the remaining balance due.


If you are interested in booking a Children's18 and UNDER party :

Click the CHILD PARTY tab and you will be directed to our email where you can contact us. Please include your name, contact info, date of party, time and place. Someone will quickly get back to you.  


 Adult Parties 18 and up-

10 or more- $35 per person (Minimum of 10 maximum of 40)


*Once you plan on booking your Adult Painting Party a custom event page will be created for you and your guests so they can purchase their painting before the party. They will need to purchase their painting a week before the date of the party. There is a minimum of 10 people for an adult party so in the event there are not 10 people the host will be responsible for the remaining balance due prior to the party.**Host is required to pay online for painting at time of booking**

Refunds and Cancellations:

In the event the guest cannot attend, the guest will have the option of hosting their own party in which their purchase will go towards their painting or they can choose to leave their canvas with their host which will include detailed instructions on how to paint their painting that they missed or they have the option to have their painting painted for them and left with their host. This also pertains to any cancellations of parties. 


If you are interested in booking a Adult 18 and OLDER party :

First click the ADULT PARTY tab. You will be directed to our email where you can contact us. Please include your name, contact info, date of party, time and place. Someone will quickly get back to you.  

After you have confirmed a date and comitted to booking a party, you will click the PURCHASE CANVAS tab to purchase your canvas for your party. Then an invite page will be created for your guests to help direct them in purchasing their canvas prior to your party. 



Corporate Events, Private Events and Fundraisers:

Press the CORPORATE AND PRIVATE EVENTS button below to email us for special pricing packages and details. 


Choose a Theme Below

Picasso and Abstract Art

Lets explore Pablo Picasso and Abstract Art as we twist and turn our painting to create our very own Picasso inspired Masterpiece! 

Age Recommendation (5 and up)

Level of difficulty from 1-5 (2)

Andy Warhol and Pop Art

Learn all about Andy Warhol and how he was a leading figure in the visual art movement known as Pop Art. We will paint our own Pop Art inspired masterpiece and discuss symmetry and color.
Age Recommendation (5 and up)
Level of difficulty from 1-5 (3)

BFF or MOM/CHILD DAD/CHILD Symmetry Painting

Lets put our creativity and paintings together and learn about symmetry! It takes two for this one! So team up with someone and lets combine forces to create one fun work of art while exploring symmetry!
Age Recommendation (8 and up)
Level of difficulty from 1-5 (4)

Still Life Discovery

Lets learn how to paint your very own still life! We will set up a few items and we will discuss shadows and light as we paint the objects seen in front of you. 
Age Recommendation (10 and up)
Level of difficulty from 1-5 (5)

Its all about Perspective

Our focus will be on Perspective and how to make objects appear farther away creating depth.
Age Recommendation (10 and up)
Level of difficulty from 1-5 (5)

The Basics of Painting

Learn all the basics from how to control your brush and make lines thicker and thinner based on pressure and the way you are holding the brush to exploring color from complementary to secondary while discovering the true artist that lies within you.

Age Recommendation (8 and up)

Level of difficulty from 1-5 (4)

 Just for the Young  Ones

Created for those Ages 12 and Under

Geoff Slater and Lines that Wiggle

Lets Learn about Artist Geoff Slater!
We will read the book "Lines That Wiggle" by C Whitman, and use continuous lines to make our very own Slater Inspired Painting!

Texture and Paint

We will start by using different textured items to paint to show texture.
Then we will look at different examples of texture using the book "Fish is Fish" by Leo Lionni
Lastly, we will paint a tree on canvas then add salt to show texture and watch how it is transformed into a textured painting.

Lines and Shapes

We will read the book "Perfect Square"  by Michael Hall and then discuss lines and shapes and work on controlling our brush by painting a building and city theme using shapes and lines.

Emotion and Art

What color makes us sad? What Color makes us happy? How does music affect our feelings? Now how would all of that look as a painting?
We will learn all about emotion and art and how our feelings make our artwork appear different depending how we feel. We will start with some meditation breathing and then use music of different kinds to help inspire us to paint based on how the music makes us feel.

Beautiful OOps!

OOps! Lets turn that mistake into something great! We will read "Beautiful OOps" by Barney Saltzberg and make our own beautiful oops painting!

Color, Color, and more Color!

We will explore the beautiful world of color. We will discuss the Primary, Secondary, and Complementary Colors on the color wheel. We will learn how to mix colors and paint our own abstract Pop Art inspired Complimentary Color Painting!


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